Richland Hills second-grader brings loaded pistol to school

A second-grader who brought a loaded .22-caliber handgun to Richland Elementary School on Wednesday was caught when he dropped the gun on the floor of a classroom, officials said.

"Other students saw the handgun and reported the gun to the teacher," police said in a news release. "The teacher then took the gun and student to the office where police were called."

The student told officers that the gun belonged to his mother's boyfriend and that he took it Tuesday night. He said he didn't know why he brought the gun to school, according to the news release. Officers asked whether he felt he needed protection, and he said, "No."

Richland Hills police may pursue charges against the mother and the boyfriend for allowing the child to have access to the gun, the release stated.

The gun was found at "the end of the day," said Mark Thomas, a Birdville school district spokesman.