Alligator warning goes out to Lake Arlington residents

ARLINGTON -- City officials are warning homeowners around Lake Arlington about recent sightings of a 31/2-foot alligator.

A resident contacted the city last week after spotting the small gator near Treasure Island on the southern part of the lake, said Mike Bass, Code Compliance Services assistant director. The city, which does not have authority to remove the alligator, contacted Texas Parks and Wildlife, Bass said.

The agency was already aware of the alligator but has no immediate plans to relocate the animal, which has not been deemed a nuisance.

"A nuisance alligator has lost its fear of people, especially one that approaches people or human habitations," spokesman Tom Harvey said. "Once a wild animal ... learns to associate people with a meal, then it typically becomes a permanent nuisance. Never feed an alligator or allow it to get human food." -- Susan Schrock