Candy-free Easter baskets offer fun alternatives

Easter doesn't have to include a basketful of sugar-laden sweets. We browsed Fort Worth toy stores for the best goodies for your basket, all with a budget in mind.

Here are some suggestions.

Hunter games

The latest card game, Spot it!, is a simple matching game with four mini-game variations. Players must find the matching object on each pair of cards and collect the most to win. Although recommended for ages 7 to adult, we think younger kids would enjoy it, too.

Recommended for: 2-8 players

Cost: $11.99

Find it at: Toy Works

Bunny memory

Mini Funny Bunny, an Easter-themed game, will be fun year-round. Each player collects carrot cards and tries to remember the hidden color under each bunny pawn.

Recommended for: Ages 4-8, 2-4 players

Cost: $12.99

Find it at: Toy Works

What's the buzz?

A classic toy gets a cute new design. The jump-rope's chunky wooden handles are easy to hold, too.

Cost: $7.99

Find it at: Miss Molly's Toy and Candy Shop

Earthy style

For the girl who has (or at least wants) everything, this necklace and bracelet set is cute and would look adorable with an Easter dress. The jewelry is made from painted wood beads, with flower, butterfly, cat and heart charms on an elastic cord.

Cost: Bracelet $5.99, necklace $6.99

Find them at: Toy Works

Color safe

All -natural crayons and markers from Clementine Art let your little artist create a masterpiece. The crayons are made from wax, the markers from plant extracts. Both come in simple recycled packaging. The crayons are available in a rocket or rock shape, making them easy for little hands to grip.

Cost: $6 each

Find them at: The Greener Good

Breaking the mold

Play foam from Educational Insights is nontoxic and promises not to stick to or stain floors and clothes. It comes in a rainbow of colors.

Cost: Single $2.99, four-pack $7.99

Find it at: Toy Works

Time to blow

These cute plastic ice-pops are really bubble-makers in disguise. They come in blue, pink and brown.

Cost: $2.99

Find them at: Miss Molly's Toy and Candy Shop

Shake up the hunt

Add musical fun to the search for eggs on Easter. These plastic shaker eggs are available in a variety of pastel colors.

Cost: $2.99

Find it at: Toy Works

Don't have time to shop

around? Toy Works offers ready-made toy baskets; $10, plus the cost of toys.