Green cleaning: Seven for this spring

Spring cleaning doesn't have to include harsh, smelly chemicals. We tried out these environmentally friendly products and were pleased with the results. Each is easy on the planet, pets, kids and your wallet.

What-EVER! All Purpose Cleaner, 32 oz.

$7 at The Greener Good, 925 Foch St.

Safe to use on just about everything, this product has a barely perceptible citrus scent and leaves no residue. Bring your empty bottle back, and they will refill it for just $4, or bring your own empty bottle to begin with for the same price.

Charlie's Soap, 32 oz.

$9.95 at Elizabeth Anna's Old World Garden, 2825 Eighth Ave.

The label reads "Cleans everything from false teeth to diesel engines." While we have neither available to try it on, our bathroom and kitchen are clean and nearly odorless. This works well on grease and lime scale.

Biokleen Soy Toilet Scrub, 32 oz.

$7.99 at The Sunflower Shoppe, 5817 Curzon Ave.

A combination of soy, volcanic perlite and essential mint oil will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and your toilet sparking clean. Just apply, scrub lightly and rinse.

Kate Wood Polish by Eco-Me, 12 oz.

$7.49 at Central Market

Use this primarily olive-oil spray to bring a shine to your finished wood furniture, floors and cabinets. A little bit goes a long way. Just rub it in, and you are done.

Twist Naked Sponges and Scour Pads

$2.79 at Sunflower Shoppe, 5817 Curzon Ave.

These 100 percent biodegradable products are made from plants and contain no oil or dyes. Use them with any cleaning product.

Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop

$159.95 at Bed Bath and Beyond, 4931 Overton Ridge Road

Sanitize your house from top to bottom with only steam. Use the mop head on your floors, then switch to handheld attachments to clean counters, curtains, windows and furniture. The removable covers can be laundered. Need something simpler? Look for more basic models starting at $49.

Safecoat Home Remodeling Supplies

$7-$16 at The Greener Good, 925 Foch St.

With spring cleaning comes spring painting, caulking, sealing and refinishing. Safecoat products are SCS certified, meaning they have very low levels of the hazardous chemicals found in traditional products.