Home workout: 'Mama & Baby Yoga'

Mama & Baby Yoga

Gaiam, $15

Mama & Baby Yoga is the perfect exercise DVD for postnatal yogis and their little ones.

Shiva Rea guides new mothers and their babies through a 60-minute yoga routine that includes toning poses as well as plenty of opportunities for mother-baby bonding.

The DVD is divided into three 20-minute segments. The first focuses on floor work, the second on standing poses to strengthen and lengthen muscles, and the last on strengthening the core. Mothers include babies by gently lifting them, tickling their cute little cheeks or playing peek-a-boo in between poses. Babies of different ages and stages are featured in the film, so mothers see how their baby's practice evolves as baby gains new skills like rolling or crawling.

This isn't the DVD to work up a sweat and burn major calories, but moms will appreciate the opportunity to shape and tone their post-pregnancy bodies and bond with their babies without schlepping to the gym. The DVD also contains a 10-minute downloadable "Daily De-stressors" segment containing poses moms can use to help alleviate the stress of new motherhood.

-- Sarai Brinker, Special to the Star-Telegram