Saint-Emilion ranked No. 1 in Dallas-Fort Worth in Zagat survey

Saint-Emilion, the long-running French restaurant on West Seventh Street in Fort Worth, has been cited as the top restaurant in DFW in Zagat's latest survey of restaurants in Texas.

"[The Lone Star State is] a mighty big region to cover," sayeth Zagat's blog, " so we broke it down by city. In Dallas/Ft. Worth, the top eatery Saint-Emilion scored an impressive 29 out of 30 for Food on our scale. Japanese restaurant Uchi in Austin and Houston's Italian eatery Da Marco also received 29 scores for Food, so there's a lot of impressive dining deep in the heart of this state. Not to be outdone, San Antonio's French spot Bistro Vatel took the top Food honors in that town, scoring a 28 out of 30."

Yes, let's get picky and point out that Dallas/Fort Worth is two cities (with a lot of other cities between and around them), unlike the other cities listed. But it is cool that Saint-Emilion took Food honors over Dallas' Lucia, French Room, Bijoux and other Dallas spots. Fort Worth's Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine and Arlington's Cacharel also made the top 10 Food list, coming in at No. 8 and No. 10, respectively.

Dallas restaurants topped the other categories, though. Abacus was ranked Most Popular, with the downtown Fort Worth location of Del Frisco's coming in fifth in that category (two Dallas locations came in sixth and seventh), and the Roanoke location of Babe's Chicken Dinner House ninth (followed by the Garland location in 10th place.)

The French Room scored highest in Decor. Fort Worth restaurants that made the Top 10 in that category include Cafe Modern (seventh), Grace (ninth) and Saint-Emilion (tenth).

The French Room also scored highest in service, with Saint-Emilion in second. Cacharel was fourth in the category.

Zagat has a Google+ page listing the top restaurants for DFW, Austin, Houston and San Antonio (you can find it through the "latest survey" link above). If you really want detail, spend a couple of bucks for a 30-day trial on, which is how I got some of the above info. Or if you're already a Zagat member, just go there.

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