How we work out: Jackie Sorensen's Aerobic Dancing

Name of group: Jackie Sorensen's Aerobic Dancing

Type of workout: Stretching and aerobic workout with dancing choreographed to music

How often they meet: One hour on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Jill Duncan is the instructor

Where the group meets: Miss Persis Studio in Arlington

What they do: Warm-up with stretching and hand weights, then 30 minutes of aerobic dancing, followed by a cool down.

Why they do it: "These classes have been part of our lives for 35 years," said Thanet Flint. "We're friends, we're a support group for each other, and we have such a good time together we'll do anything to keep the class going -- including working around Jill's busy schedule." The group started out dancing as part of the "aerobics craze" and because they wanted to be physically fit. "Here we are 35 years later -- we're not dancing at such a high level anymore, but still having fun and staying fit," Flint said.

-- Jan Jarvis