'Grossology' explores body of science

Eeeew! Sick!

Welcome to "Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body," the traveling exhibit that has just set up shop at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

Advanced Exhibits and Science World British Columbia have teamed up to bring to life the bestselling children's book of the same title by Sylvia Branzei. Both the book series and the traveling exhibit aim to teach kids about all the smelly, noisy, slimy and gross things that the human body does. Kids are naturally curious and will soon discover (with a few giggles) that their bodies do funny but fascinating things.

Start at the entrance with a life-sized Operation man -- much like the game you might have played as a kid yourself. Take out bones and organs with giant tweezers, but don't set off the buzzer! From here, the exhibit is divided into three categories -- the gut, the nose and "other gross stuff" -- and set against a backdrop of displays that present kid-friendly explanations and facts.

Here's a peek at a few things you will discover at "Grossology."

The gut

Pump water into Burp Man's clear stomach until it fills, then listen for a burp. By pumping water through a tube at the Vomit Center (yes, the Vomit Center, really) learn about the stomach and why your brain makes you throw up. Hold your nose as you pass by the Gas Attack arcade game or stop and play a round of pinball. Younger kids will love becoming a snack and sliding down the GI slide into the stomach, then crawling through the intestines and popping out the end.

The nose

Nigel Nose-It-All, a giant animatronic faucet, will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about mucous, colds and allergies. At Up Your Nose, shoot pollen balls into a nose and learn what makes you sneeze. Kids can walk inside a giant nose to learn the importance of blood vessels and nose hair. Watch out, though, because this nose will sneeze on you.

The 'other gross stuff'

Kids can climb a skin wall and learn about pores, pimples and sweat. Learn about body odor if you are brave enough to sniff the items on display at Y U Stink. Step up and play a round of Urine the Game, a computerized lesson on how your kidneys work.

Before you leave, be sure to stop by and test your skills in Let's Play Grossology. Contestants answer three rounds of questions by pressing colored buttons. How much did you learn about all the wonderful, horrible stuff that goes on in our bodies every day?