Read It: Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman

Looking at Lincoln

by Maira Kalman

Nancy Paulsen Books

Ages 5-8

What it's about: The narrator of this story is walking through a park when she sees a tall man wearing a tall hat who reminds her of someone. When she pays for her pancakes with a $5 bill, she realizes the man in the park reminded her of Abraham Lincoln. The narrator goes on to tell the reader all about the life of our 16th president, sprinkling the story of his role in history with fun facts about his favorite flavor of cake and his dog Fido.

Why read it: This picture book tells not only the story about Lincoln as a president, but also of who he was as a person. While the history of the Civil War is greatly oversimplified, the book serves as a wonderful and lively introduction for any young reader to an important piece of history. Serious topics including slavery, war and the assassination of the president are addressed in an appropriate manner for young children. What might otherwise have been a boring history book is made fun by interesting trivia, creative type and gorgeous gouache illustrations.

-- Sarai Brinker, Special to the Star-Telegram