Benbrook has local option on ballot for wine sales in stores

Bottles of chardonnay and merlot could be sold at grocery and convenience stores in Benbrook if voters approve the option Nov. 2.

Beer is already sold, but organizers of a petition drive said the city is missing out on revenue by not allowing wine to be sold for off-premises consumption.

"We are just trying to level the playing field and make wine more convenient to buy in town," said Tony Rutigliano, a spokesman for Partners for Progress, the political action group that led the effort.

Beer has been sold since 1971, and in 2002 voters approved mixed-drink sales in restaurants.

Rutigliano doesn't know how much additional money would flow into Benbrook, he said, but studies show that for every dollar lost in beer and wine sales, stores lose $3 more in general sales.

Partners for Progress collected over 2,400 signatures in three weeks, he said. The requirement was 2,219 and the deadline was 60 days.

Rutigliano said he hopes voters won't overlook the local option to allow wine sales, the last item on the crowded Nov. 2 ballot.

Elizabeth Campbell, 817-390-7696