Police say beaten man confessed to indecency with child

A North Richland Hills man who was bloodied from a beating walked into the police station Friday and confessed that he had committed crimes involving indecency with a child, authorities said.

Police identified the man as Steven Michael Grogg, 59.

Grogg was in the North Richland Hills Jail on Monday with bail set at $40,000. He is expected to be charged with two counts of indecency with a child, police investigator Keith Bauman said.

Police said Grogg was bleeding on the left side of his head when he came to the police station and asked to speak with a detective. He was injured during an assault related to the indecency cases, police said Monday.

Investigators released very few details of the cases because of the age of the child. But Bauman said that Grogg had "access to the child" and that the alleged crimes were committed within the last year.

Several defense attorneys said Monday that the attack on Grogg presents a sticky situation for police and prosecutors. His confession could be thrown into question, and there could be issues about the circumstances of the beating, they said.

"The government will say that they didn't do what happened to the defendant," said Santiago Salinas of Fort Worth, a criminal defense attorney who does not represent Grogg.

"Now, it'll be up to a defense attorney to determine what frame of mind was the defendant in when he made any statements," he said.

Authorities will need independent corroboration of any statements that a defendant has given detectives, Salinas said.

Grogg was taken to North Hills Hospital for treatment shortly after his surrender Friday and was later released to police.

Police were investigating the assault on Grogg as part of the indecency cases, Bauman said. Investigators did not release details of the assault because the child could be identified, authorities said.

Domingo Ramirez Jr.,