Tarrant County has plenty of flu shots this year

Flu season is back, but don't worry: There won't be a repeat of last year's panic over vaccine supplies.

This year, there are plenty of shots for everyone. Tarrant County Public Health has received 3,390 doses and will begin offering flu shots at its centers Monday. Ten thousand doses have been ordered and should arrive next week.

This year's vaccine provides protection against H1N1 and other strains, said Dr. Sandra Parker, the health agency's medical director and health authority.

People 6 months and older should get the vaccine. Children between ages 6 months and 7 require two doses for protection.

The vaccine is also available at pharmacies and private care clinics.

"It does not matter where you get your flu vaccine as long as you get the shot," said Lou Brewer, director of the health department.

The shot costs $20 -- cash only -- through the department. Medicare Part B and Medicaid will also be accepted. The vaccine for children under 3 is not yet available.