Use a sheet to create a costume

Last year, we asked readers to get creative with a cardboard box for a fabulous, DIY-Halloween costume on the cheap. This year, we'd like you to ponder all the possibilities of a bedsheet.

That's right. We're asking you, creative readers, to send us your best bedsheet costumes. Here's the rule: Make a costume -- for a child or an adult -- whose primary component is a bedsheet.

Fitted or top sheet, cotton or silk -- we don't care. It can be white, it can be floral, it can have firetrucks or Hello Kitty on it -- doesn't matter.

Just start with a sheet and let your creative juices flow. You can dye it, tie it, cut it up, shrink it ... the main rule is that the sheet MUST be the primary component of the costume. (Don't sew squares from a sheet onto a witch's hat and call it a contest entry.)

Then send us a photo of someone wearing the bedsheet costume, along with concise instructions on how to make it. A panel of judges will pick a winner and runners-up -- based on creativity and execution -- who will receive Halloween-related prizes and will appear in a future story in the Star-Telegram.