Places to go find yourself, 'Eat Pray Love'-style, for a few days

Spending 133 minutes watching Eat Pray Love isn't really enough time for most people to find themselves. But a full year -- which is how long author Elizabeth Gilbert spent in Italy, India and Indonesia for the journey that inspired the Julia Roberts flick -- is more time than most people are ready to commit. So how about a weekend? Or a week? These yoga retreats offer a vacation-length sample of self-discovery.

3 days: Montana

Instead of three countries, try three days. That's how long it takes to Eat Pray Love with Montana's Big Sky Yoga Retreats ($995, The company offers a slew of short adventures that pair yoga with hiking, skiing and horseback riding. One of the most popular programs is the weekend getaway that focuses on the themes of Gilbert's book.

4 days: Virginia

Yogaville is an ashram founded by Sri Swami Satchidananda just south of Charlottesville, Va. The cost runs from $195 to $430, depending on the length of your stay and what sort of accommodations. Details are at 800-858-9642 or

11 days: Nepal

If you're seeking a more international experience, join Marni Kravitz's Yoga Nepal retreat ($2,588, Like Gilbert, she headed east to explore and found herself engrossed in a spiritual culture that she now wants to share with others. So Kravitz is organizing a trip in October through Katmandu filled with daily yoga practices, visits to sacred sites and meditation at a Buddhist monastery.