Probation extended for Fort Worth doctor who used drugs

A psychiatrist and addiction medicine doctor who tested positive for a drug similar to barbiturates is among three Fort Worth physicians whom the Texas Medical Board dealt with late last month.

The board reprimanded Dr. Lisa Diane Alloju-Fairweather, who has been the subject of disciplinary actions since 2002, after a positive drug test early last year. An agreed order restricts her from prescribing several classes of drugs.

The board also added three years to her medical license probation. She must continue psychiatric treatment, limit her practice of medicine to 35 hours a week and undergo drug screening. She was fined $5,000.

Alloju-Fairweather did not respond to a request for comment. Since last year, she has voluntarily taken steps to remain sober.

In 2002, she was disciplined after her arrest on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance, according to a board order. The next year, she was placed on probation for seven years. She was also ordered to continue psychiatric care and participate in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, according to the board documents.

In 2008, she was reprimanded, her license was suspended for a month, and she was required to attend an intensive outpatient substance abuse program for failure to submit to a drug screening. She paid a $5,000 fine and performed 120 hours of community service, according to the order.

Last year, she told the board that she had taken the muscle relaxant Soma, which was prescribed to her husband, the documents state. She again sought inpatient treatment.

If Alloju-Fairweather does not abide by the terms of the new board order, her license could be revoked, board documents say.

The board also disciplined Dr. Basil Bernstein last month.

Bernstein entered into an agreed order requiring him to complete 24 hours of continuing medical education and pay a $2,000 fine.

Bernstein was treating a woman addicted to heroin. A board panel found that he failed to meet the standard of care by prescribing and treating her despite noncompliance with her pain agreement, according to agency documents. The woman tested positive for drug use and took her medication contrary to the way Bernstein prescribed it, according to board documents.

Bernstein also failed to develop a treatment plan for the woman's depression when he failed to try other depression medication or refer her to a psychiatrist, the board documents say.

In an interview, Bernstein said he prescribed the minimum dose of medication possible to the woman. "We didn't force her to take anything," he said. Bernstein also said that he tried to treat her for depression but that she did not take the drug he prescribed.

The woman complained to the board when he dismissed her as a patient, he said.

"The board is totally out of control," he said. "This was basically a heroin addict who we got off heroin, kept off heroin and was on a medication that kept her clean."

Bernstein said he agreed to settle the matter because it was too much trouble to fight.

The board also accepted the voluntary surrender of Dr. Harold Bohstedt Eudaly Jr.'s medical license due to illness.

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