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The Great Katie Kate Tackles Questions About Cancer

By Dr. M. Maitland DeLand

Illustrations by Jennifer Zivoin

Greenleaf, $14.95

For ages: 4-6

What it's about: Suzy and her family find themselves at a special doctor because of a lump that has appeared on one of Suzy's legs. She is later told that she might have cancer, and she begins to worry. The special doctor sends in a friend, Great Katie Kate, who zooms through the window to answer all of Suzy's questions. Suzy keeps worrying, and then a large critter, the Worry Wombat, appears and starts following Suzy around. Together the Great Katie Kate and Suzy discuss everything from X-rays to radiation. They explore a realm of treatments and observe kids undergoing chemotherapy and soon Suzy understands her condition, and she begins to stop worrying little by little, shrinking the Worry Wombat until he disappears for good.

Why read it: How does one bravely address cancer with a young child? It's Great Katie Kate to the rescue. This superhero book is the perfect tool for parents who are hoping to help children overcome their own "Worry Wombat." Great Katie Kate gives kids knowledge, while also reassuring them.

-- Kristin Mears