Mom2Mom book review: "Maisy's Book of Things That Go: A Maisy First Science Book"

Kid’s Book Review: Maisy's Book of Things That Go: A Maisy First Science Book

Author: Lucy CousinsCandlewick Press, 16 pages, $12.00

Best for ages: 2-5 years old

What it’s about: This book is a great look at all the different ways to travel including by boat, walking, riding a bicycle and even by rocket ship. Each pay explains not just how it works, but also what it takes to make it go.

Why we like it: Even if it didn’t have words, I would love this book because it is full of action tabs – pull tabs for you and your toddler to experience how you travel from watching Maisy ride the train, how the balloon goes up in the air and more. This book is so colorful and fun, I love playing with tabs (and sometimes I let my two year old play with them too!:)

Good to know: Although my 2 year old loves this book, he still needs parental supervision when go through it. I let him look it over one afternoon and in less than a few minutes he had tried to make one of the images move and tore the cutout. This one needs to go in the special bookcase until they are at least 3 years old and understand the concept of tabs.

Grade: A