Irving mom accused of strangulations wanted 'normal kids'

IRVING -- A calm, composed mother told an Irving 911 dispatcher Monday afternoon that she had killed her two young children because they were autistic and she didn't want them to live that way, according to a recording police released Wednesday.

"I killed them both," Saiqa Akhter tells the call-taker. "I used a wire on their neck.

"I don't want my kids that way. ... I want normal kids."

When the dispatcher asked how she was feeling, Akhter answered, "Nothing."

She said that she first tried to pour bathroom cleaner into their mouths but that they refused to drink it. She then grabbed a nearby wire, she said.

Akhter said she had called her husband and told him what she had done.

The son, Zain Akhter, was pronounced dead Monday at Baylor Medical Center at Irving. His little sister, Faryaal Akhter, died Tuesday evening at Children's Medical Center of Dallas, according to the Dallas County medical examiner's office.

The medical examiner reported the children's ages as 2 and 5, but in the 911 call, Akhter says they were 3 and 6.

Akhter was transferred from the Irving Jail to the Dallas County Jail late Wednesday. She faces two charges of capital murder.

Zain was buried Wednesday in Richardson. Faryaal's funeral is scheduled for today.

During the 911 call, made at about 5 p.m., Akhter stated more than 10 times that she had killed her children.

At one point, the dispatcher asked Akhter what she was doing. She replied, "Washing my hands. That bathroom cleaner smells so much on my hands."

When officers arrived at the Wind Tree Apartments in the 3300 block of Esters Road, they tried to resuscitate the children, according to search and arrest warrant affidavits released Tuesday.

Akhter told the 911 call-taker that she had used a wire on both children's necks and that both had turned blue and were not breathing.

An affidavit for a probable-cause warrant, released Wednesday, said that the children were "on the bed unconscious" and that the girl "had an antenna wire around her neck."

"Both had no pulse," the document said.

That warrant names the children's father as Rashid Akhter, 35.

Child Protective Services caseworkers visited the parents in May 2009 after getting a report about possible neglect of their son. The children were found to be in good health, a CPS official said. An official confirmed that the oldest child had been diagnosed with autism at the time, but not the youngest.

Akhter and her husband acknowledged leaving the boy asleep at home while they took their daughter to an emergency room for respiratory problems. According to a CPS report, the parents told caseworkers that they understood the dangers of leaving a child so young home alone and insisted that it would not happen again.

Staff writer Mitch Mitchell contributed to this report.

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