Make it

If you've got an old red Radio Flyer wagon, consider converting it into a fairy woodland garden for your yard. Here's what to do:

1. Drill holes in the wagon for drainage. Line with pebbles for additional drainage.

2. Fill wagon half to three-quarters full with Miracle Gro potting mix containing Osmocote.

3. Select vegetation such as miniature conifers, pathway plants, herbs, and small flowering perennials and annuals. Add fragrant flowers for bees and butterflies. Plants used: dwarf Alberta spruce, common juniper, Paul's dwarf mugo pine, Digitalis "goldcrest," English daisy, sedum yunnanense, sweet alyssum, Scotch moss, ajuga "chocolate chip" and Herniaria "sea foam."

4. Add accessories, including a miniature cottage with a fence and gate, stones to terrace and create paths and colored glass to create a stream. Other miniature items used: garden bench, chair, wheelbarrow, flower pot, beehive, birdhouse, birdbath, bees, butterflies, ladybugs, birds, raccoon, cat, toad with a toadstool and, of course, fairies.

Price: $75 to $100; includes soil, flowers, fairies and accessories.

Designer/garden center: Maria Mitchell, sales associate at Sugar Creek Gardens, St. Louis