Chalk up a fun time with London

Play it

This classic pavement game, a cross between hangman and shuffleboard, is inexplicably named London.

To make the playing field, use chalk to draw a 3- by 5-foot rectangle, then divide it into seven sections as shown. Draw a semicircle on one end and write London inside.

From a spot at the bottom of the box, players take turns sliding or rolling a stone, bottle cap, or other small marker up the board. When a player's marker lands completely inside a space, he begins drawing a person, starting with a circle head, in that space.

(Players can keep track of their people by initialing them or by using different colors of chalk.)

On subsequent turns, if a player lands in a space where he has drawn a head, he adds a body to it, then a leg, then another leg. When he completes one chalk person (with a head, a body and two legs), he begins another person in the same space the next time he lands there. If a player lands in London, he gets to add a head to one of the seven spaces or to add a body part to one of the people that he has already started.

If a player lands in a space where he has three complete people, he draws a line through them to represent linked arms. The winner is the first player to draw three linked people in every space.