Book Review: Green Guide Families

Green Guide Families: The Complete Reference for Eco-Friendly Parentsby Catherine Zandonella$21.95

What it's about: This is the go-to-guide for "green" parents. Green Guide Families touches on present-day concerns for parents including, teething rings, athletic turf, toys, pros and cons of vaccinating, potential side effects from plastic containers, how to manage food allergies, avoiding poor snacks for our kiddos and more. The author is knowledgeable and teaches parents how to lead their children through a world that can be less than "green-friendly," She also shows us how "green choices" can actually cost us less!

Good to know: Whatever stage your family is in today (i.e. having your first baby, kids leaving for college or anywhere in between), Green Guide Families is a fantastic book that you can be sure you'll reference over and over again — I know I will!

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