DVD REVIEW: “Barney: Egg-cellent Adventures”

“Barney: Egg-cellent Adventures”HiT Entertainment, 2010, 42 minutes$14.98, Amazon, not rated

If your toddler thinks that Barney is simply tee-rific, this DVD will not disappoint. Although marketed for the Easter season, the “Egg-cellent Adventure” is appealing year-round with a variety of story lines, including: Riff plays Sherlock Holmes investigating the case of the missing picnic snack only to discover the wily ways of a lop-eared rabbit; Mother Goose makes a guest appearance to help the characters from her rhymes find their respective lost things (Little Boy Blue’s horn, Miss Muffet’s tuffet, etc); and BJ discovers his inner mother duck as he learns to care for and protect a nest of eggs about to hatch near the bridge. If your child enjoys animals, buy this DVD right now. And even if you don’t have pets, this would be good prep for the inevitable day that you do — there are lots of good messages here about taking care of your pets and animals in general.

Might as well bring the PEEPS back out and call it a party.

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