Mischief maker

The DjangoAuthored and Illustrated by Levi Pinfold2010 Templar Books$16.99

About the Story: A young French boy, Jean, travels with his father in a musician’s troupe. Jean finds himself being visited by the Django, a kind of trouble-making little wooden character that only Jean can see. Because of the Django, Jean breaks his father’s banjo, spooks the horse, and ruins a family celebration. Jean finally tells the Django to “Go Away and Leave Me Alone!” When it happens, life becomes too quiet and uninteresting. Ultimately, Jean receives his own banjo and he and his father pen a “Django Song.”

Good to Know: The target audience for this book is an older child with the ability to comprehend multi-layered meanings. The language is complex and the message is subtle and can be confusing for smaller children. The illustrations are exquisitely detailed, but are done in darker, drab colors that lend a somber mood. Author Levi Pinfold wrote the story in honor of real-life jazz legend, Jean “Django” Reinhart.

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