Book Review: I Can Be Anything!

Book Review: I Can Be Anything!by Jerry SpinelliIllustrations by Jimmy LiaoHachette Book Group, Inc, 2010$16.99

What it's about: In an exuberant little boy’s imagination, he can grow up to be anything, but he’s not thinking about being a fireman, doctor, or teacher. Options include a purple-plane folder, puppy-dog holder, mixing-bowl licker and tin-can kicker. Each is accompanied by a full-page depiction that is sure to set imaginations free. In the end, our hero decides to choose it all!

Good to Know: The simple, charming rhymes are what make this a great read for little ones. Playfully patterned words become easily a sing-song event. The illustrations beg you to stop and find all of the details. It’s a quick bedtime story that is sure to deliver imaginative dreams.

Additionally: The cover hints at this being a “Perfect for Graduation” book, in the vein of the eternally-popular “Oh, the Places You Will Go!” In my opinion, the book is still best-suited for the young ones. The graduate would prefer money for pizza!

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