Friday and Saturday could bring nasty weather for Mayfest

Mayfest, Fort Worth's oldest family festival, begins this afternoon in Trinity Park on the banks of the river on what the National Weather Service forecasts will be a great day.

But it wouldn't be Mayfest if storms weren't in the forecast. Friday and Saturday bring the potential for severe thunderstorms, hail and strong winds, with sunny weather come Sunday.

Mayfest organizers will be watching the weather, too. It was 15 years ago that a springtime storm dropped fist-size hail and injured 90 people.

"That was a mean-looking storm," recalled Joe Harris, meteorologist with the weather service in Fort Worth, who worked a day shift on May 5, 1995, and saw the afternoon storm come in.

Mayfest officials said the Radio Amateur Civil Services weather truck will be at the festival this weekend to update the staff on conditions. Officials expect a good year after last year's swine flu scare closed the event.