Mom2Mom book review: Quiero Ayudar - Let Me Help

Kid’s Book Review:Quiero Ayudar - Let Me HelpAuthor: Alma Flor Ada, Illustrated - Angela DominguezChildren’s Book Press, 32 pages, $16.95

Best for ages: Preschool - 2nd Grade

What it’s about: Perico the parrot who wishes to help his family prepare for Cinco de Mayo in San Antonio, but keeps getting in the way. The story follows his trials to help throughout the day, but he eventually finds a way to help his family by doing what no one else could do but Perico.

Why we like it:I have never read a book like with this story line and I love that it centers around Cinco de Mayo. The pictures are colorful and a perfect complement to discussing the fun of the holiday. Also the lesson it teaches about being yourself is a great one for kids.

Good to know: I thought I would have been able to easily read this book in Spanish with more than four years of Spanish in school, but that was not the case. I was able to read the Spanish words, but had to work to pronounce them and put my language skills to work. When reading the Spanish, I realized it became less about reading my child a book, but a test to myself to read it. I did revert to English half way through and then went back to read the book in Spanish once I put my son to sleep. Although this is a bilingual book, I would use it for the younger years to discuss Hispanic customs and only after some Spanish immersion of my child would I consider using it as a Spanish learning book.

Grade: A - (Two giggles from Jackson, but Mom enjoyed laughing at herself while she read it so it gained another giggle for a total of three giggles.)