Mom2Mom review: Lawn to lawn

Lawn to Lawn Authored and Illustrated by Dan YaccarinoAlfred A. Knopf, New York, 2010$17.99

About the Story: In this brightly colored book, little Pearl and her family are moving. Her beloved lawn decorations are accidentally left behind, for only she knows that they are alive! Thus begins their adventurous trek across the city. In stereotypical lawn ornament fashion, the team includes a pink flamingo, garden gnome, jockey and a deer. They fear the trash truck, but end up hopping a ride on it, into Pearl’s new neighborhood. All is well when child and playmates are reunited.

Good to Know: The illustrations are perfectly suited to this simple, yet creative story. My three-year-old loved learning each lawn character’s name and following the team through the book. The foursome reads a map, meets other lawn ornaments, avoids gargoyles and outwits some arrogant lions on a gate entrance. There are new “goings-on” in the pictures to discover with each read. The happy ending is appropriate for young readers.