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What it is: Squiggle on-the-go, by RandomLine

What you do with it: This is a highly entertaining but simple and inexpensive toy. It's a 200-page notepad. Each piece of paper has a pre-drawn squiggly line on it. Your child turns the notepad in the direction called for by a little spinner on the back of the pad, and then turns that line into a drawing. An "S" shape might become the head and back of a snail, for instance.

Why we like it: It encourages creativity and visualization. (My kids and I actually used to play our own version of this when they were young and we were waiting on our food at restaurants; it was a great way to pass the time and keep them busy and engaged.)

Perfect for: Age 5 and up, for car trips, or anywhere!

How much and where: $6.95 at; $6.98 at Also look for it at specialty toy stores, bookstores, gift shops and select Barnes & Noble stores.