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Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth!

By Sarah Weeks

Beach Lane Books, $16.99, ages 4-8

What it's about: In retrospect, young Sophie knows just how she would answer if her parents ask whether she would like a little brother or sister: "No!" So begins Sarah Weeks' hilarious snapshot of big sister Sophie's baby brother experiences. While everyone else thinks her baby brother is "a cute wittle itty-bitty baby," Sophie thinks they're nuts. The truth, Sophie says: "Babies are not sweet, ... or precious, ... or cute." They leak and look like aliens.

Why read it: Author Weeks nails the big sister's volatile emotions. There's rage and disgust, especially the icky bit when her marble reappears in a diaper a few days after it was swallowed. Artist Robert Neubecker matches every grimace and sigh of desperation with his funny illustrations. His cartoonlike drawings in bright colors pop off their white backgrounds. Weeks and Neubecker have created a perfect book for a growing family. Even tired parents will laugh at this new big sister's turmoil.