Crowley district schedules parent forum on intermediate-school feeder plans

Crowley school district administrators, led by incoming Superintendent Dan Powell, are forging ahead with a plan to open two new intermediate schools this fall, but first they are taking parent input at a meeting tonight.

Parents will get a chance to see and comment on five feeder plans for the district's four intermediate schools before trustees approve one plan at the April 29 board meeting.

Not all parents are on board.

Heather Bright has started a campaign and a website,, to persuade administrators to open the schools as additional elementaries instead of intermediates.

"I think I'm a little too late to the party; I don't think it's going to happen," Bright said. "They're pretty set on their plans."

Dallas Park, Hargrave and Oakmont elementaries currently feed into Sue Crouch Intermediate, and students from Jackie Carden, Meadow Creek and Parkway will attend S.H. Crowley Intermediate.

If the new schools open as fifth- and sixth-grade campuses, students from Deer Creek, Bess Race, Poynter and Sycamore elementaries would attend intermediate school for the first time this fall.

The plans are on the district website,

Bright, whose daughter is a fourth-grader at Deer Creek Elementary, has a lot of questions, and she says most parents have agreed with her about the elementaries.

She worries that the present system of sending children to five different campuses from kindergarten through high school is too stressful.

But current students at S.H. Crowley and Sue Crouch intermediate schools are already living with the five-school model.

They attend kindergarten through fourth grade at an elementary campus, grades five and six at an intermediate campus, grades seven and eight at a middle school, ninth grade at a designated ninth-grade-only campus, and grades 10 through 12 at a high school.

With the two new intermediates open, all Crowley students would be on the same plan.

Powell said he believes that students are less worried about the changes than their parents are.

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