10 percent of Carroll High School students absent amid rumors

SOUTHLAKE -- More than 10 percent of Carroll High School students were absent Tuesday after rumors of a threat against the school alarmed some parents and teens.

There is no credible information that a threat ever existed at the ninth- and 10th-grade campus, district spokeswoman Julie Thannum said.

The rumors stem from a conversation last week among several students about Tuesday's 11th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado, district officials said. The students speculated about what might happen in a similar incident in Southlake and named specific students as part of the "made-up scenario," officials said.

Alerted by students, officials investigated and talked to all students involved. But rumors gained momentum over the weekend on social networking sites and in text messages.

On Monday, teachers implored students to stop "all comments and discussion that could falsely accuse or scare students."

On Tuesday, 11 to 12 percent of students were absent from Carroll High, a higher rate than usual. Many parents called officials to ask about the situation Tuesday morning, but the school day was otherwise quiet and uneventful, Thannum said.