Book Review: The Grasshopper Hopped

Book Review: The Grasshopper Hopped

By Elizabeth Alexander, Illustrated by Joung Un Kim Golden Books, 12 pages, $8.00

Best for ages: 1-3 years old

What it’s about: This adorable, cardboard book takes you on a journey of a grasshopper and his path to finding the right place just for him. Each page gives your little one the opportunity to make the grasshopper “hop” from one adventure to another with moveable tabs large enough for little fingers to work.

Why we like it: It’s a fun, quick read that is written in rhyme so it playful for both the reader and listener. I also like the beautiful illustrations that are colorful for children, yet use intricate designs that make it interesting for an older reader.

“The grasshopper hopped into the pot, Only to find that the soup was too hot.The grasshopper hopped out of the pot. He had to find a cooler spot.”

Good to know: My child loved this book the first time we read it and we continue to read it each time. It gets three giggles (based on a four giggle system developed by Jackson.)

Grade: A- (It isn’t the best book we ever read, but I like it a lot and will add to our collection.)

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