One post office open late

Pushing your tax filing to the last minute?

Postal employees will be outside the Jack D. Watson post office, 4600 Mark IV Parkway in Fort Worth, until midnight to collect mail. Customers can buy stamps and money orders and get certified or registered mailing at the retail window until 10 p.m. All returns collected at this location by midnight will be postmarked April 15.

If you plan to use the curbside drop-off, keep these tips in mind:

■ Traffic will increase the later it gets. You may be waiting in line.

■ If your passenger-side window doesn't work, you have to park and hand your tax return to a collector. For safety reasons, the employees won't come around to a driver's-side window.

■ Don't bite the hand that is collecting your mail -- same goes for Fido. If you have a dog in the car, keep it under control.

■ You can't buy postage at curbside. You have to go in the post office.

■ Be sure to use first-class postage.

■ Make sure handwritten envelopes are legible and include a return address.