What’s new in bookstores

Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson Kimberly Butler

Here’s what’s new in bookstores this week:

▪ Feng Shui & Charlotte Nightingale, by Pam Ferderbar (Three Towers Press, $24.95) — The author’s debut novel is based on her short story of the same name (movie rights were purchased by New Line Cinema). Our protagonist’s luck keeps getting worse — bad boyfriend, bad job, endless bad hair days. But a determined feng shui practitioner sets out to improve her lot in life. But Charlotte’s life only gets worse — or does it?

▪ The Truth and Other Lies, by Sascha Arango (Atria Books, $24.99) — The author, an award-winning screenplay writer in Germany, offers his first novel — a twisty crime thriller. Henry Hayden’s life is a lie. His bestselling crime novels are actually written by his wife, his editor/mistress is pregnant and his plan to get out of this mess goes terribly wrong. The audiobook (Simon & Schuster Audio, $29.99) is narrated by actor Corey Brill.

▪ Day Four, by Sarah Lotz (Little, Brown and Co., $26) — The author follows her 2014 debut The Three with a horror thriller aboard the discount cruise ship Beautiful Dreamer. But when it’s stranded in the Gulf of Mexico on the fourth day of a five-day Caribbean cruise, it’s paradise lost. The passengers — a handful tell the story — get restless. Food is running low. A woman is murdered. There’s a virus on board. And maybe ghosts.

— Celeste Williams

Writers scholarship opportunity

Bestselling author Lisa Jackson (Never Die Alone, Kensington, $9.99, out July 28) is offering aspiring writers a chance to attend the Killer Nashville conference for free through the Lisa Jackson/Killer Nashville Scholarship Fund. The conference is Oct. 29-Nov. 1 and will feature breakout sessions, writing critiques and career-building exercises. Interested authors need to send a 500-word essay about why they want to attend, including their financial need. Entries should be double-spaced in 12-point Courier or Times New Roman with at least one-inch margins. Include name, address and phone number. Email entries by July 31 to Scholarships will be awarded Aug. 15.