Will you be my anti-valentine?

The “I Love You, NOT” gift, from Dirty Rotten Flowers, includes dying carnations and a deconstructed teddy bear.
The “I Love You, NOT” gift, from Dirty Rotten Flowers, includes dying carnations and a deconstructed teddy bear.

Are you a Valentine’s Day hater? Does Cupid make you see red? Do you prefer your roses black?

Then you’ll love the anti-Valentine’s Day party that Frankie’s Sports Bar and Grill is throwing Saturday. Patrons are encouraged to bring pictures or letters from their exes, which will promptly be shredded. Afterward, they can drown their sorrows with a free drink and bask in the ambiance of cut-up teddy bears.

“I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day,” said Araceli Arellano, an assistant manager at Frankie’s in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square (425 W. Third St., 817-870-9090, “A lot of people break up or fight before Valentine’s Day and they have that hatred. People who have had their hearts broken need to come celebrate not being in love anymore.”

Frankie’s isn’t the only one catering to those who are single, scorned or just don’t like the Hallmark occasion. There’s a market for those who have been unlucky in love.

Dirty Rotten Flowers, an online dead flower delivery service (323-654-8618;, sees a significant spike in business in the days and weeks before Valentine’s Day, said John Ferraro, who co-owns the business with Roman Sacke, a Los Angeles-based florist.

Customers can choose from four dying or decapitated bouquets: Dirty Rotten Flowers ($33), Morticia ($29), I Love You, NOT ($30) and the Bad Lay ($30) — a lei of dead blooms. The floundering flowers are wrapped in hot pink tissue paper and packaged in an elegant, black glossy box — designed to make the recipient think they have received something special.

“They open it and are like, ‘Oh,’” Ferraro said. “It’s a funny business. It came out of having a wicked sense of humor. The business ebbs and flows, but Valentine’s Day is our sweet spot.”

Dirty Rotten Flowers’ website tells visitors: “Let DFR help you say ‘thank you’ when you really want to say ‘thanks for nothing.’”

And if dead flowers aren’t rebellious enough, there’s no shortage of anti-Valentine’s Day cards, clothing and candy to make the bitter and broken-hearted feel better.

CafePress (877-809-1659; has a snarky selection of shirts, including one that reads “Cupid Rhymes With Stupid” and another that says “Love is overrated.”

It also offers dozens of cutthroat cards sure to satisfy even the coldest, darkest hearts. There’s a red card decorated with Cupid that reads “This Will All End in Tears,” and a blue card depicting a football kicker with the words “Kicking You into the Friendzone.”

For those with a sweet tooth, Despair Inc. ( offers “Bittersweets” — a humorous counter to the romantic pastel candy hearts bearing messages. For $10, customers can get a tin of “dysfunctional” or “dumped” heart-shaped candies with sayings like, “I WANT HALF,” “MUTUAL DISGUST,” “TRADIN YOU IN” or “HE HAS A JOB.”

The company bills Bittersweets as “Valentine’s Day Candy for the Rest of Us.”

And although most anti-Valentine’s Day events and products seem to cater to adults, they are not the only ones seeking a reprieve from all things pink and red. Thursday night, the Lewisville Public Library (972-219-3577; is hosting a free Teen Anti-Valentine’s Day party, complete with “not-so-lovey-dovey crafts.”

Claudia Wayland, the library’s youth services’ supervisor, said teens can decorate cookies but “not in a sweet way” and redesign covers on outdated romantic novels.

“They make crossed-out hearts, draw mustaches on people or add words in thought bubbles,” Wayland said. “It turns out to be pretty funny. Some kids enjoy the idea of valentines and want to celebrate with cutesy, love stuff.

“The ones that don’t like it are single — and they are teens — and they don’t like the idea of romance. Plus, they think it’s cool that they get to mess up a library book.”