Fort Worth Bizarre Film Festival returns Sunday

Poster for ‘A Partial Heart’
Poster for ‘A Partial Heart’

No one can accuse North Texas of not having enough film festivals. Aside from the big ones like Fort Worth’s Lone Star Film Festival in the fall and the Dallas International Film Festival in the spring, there’s the Oak Cliff Film Festival, which begins Thursday, and the just-wrapped First Sheed Persian Film Festival in Dallas.

But all those outlets didn’t stop Travis Wood and Bradley Pecherek from launching the Fort Worth Bizarre Film Festival, dedicated solely to short films, in 2013. The fourth edition of the festival takes place Sunday at the Four Day Weekend Theater in downtown Fort Worth.

The festival came to be “because there wasn’t an opportunity to show a bunch of short films,” Wood said in a phone interview, noting that other fests show shorts but have an emphasis on narrative features and feature-length documentaries.

Wood said the word “bizarre” is a bit of a misnomer. “A lot of people miscontrue that name,” he said, noting that he and Pecherek just wanted to underscore that they’re open to all sorts of short subjects in any style. The only rule is that they be 30 minutes or less.

Until this year, the shorts also had to be from North Texas filmmakers, but on Sunday they’re showing one entry from Los Angeles and another from Madrid. If these get a good reception, they may show more non-DFW entries next year. Of the 50 entries submitted, several were from outside the state, including New York, California and France.

Twelve titles are being shown Sunday, and they include Animal Inside (a doc about “furries,” people who like to wear animal costumes), The Quill and the Sword (a medieval drama), The Resurrectionist (historical drama/horror), and A Partial Heart (about a son trying to reconnect with his alcoholic father).

Doors open at 4 p.m. Tickets are $10 and are available through the festival’s Facebook page at as well as at the door during the festival.

Fort Worth Bizarre Film Festival