Sephora’s new lip balm offers sun protection, but what else?

Sephora Collection Rouge Lip Balm, $12.50 each, Sephora.
Sephora Collection Rouge Lip Balm, $12.50 each, Sephora.

With the official start of summer just two weeks away, sun protection and how you can incorporate it into your daily routine are important topics to keep in mind as you spend more time outside.

Beyond using a daily sunscreen, there are several nontraditional ways to get an extra dose of sun protection factor, starting with the products found in your makeup bag.

In this week’s Fab or Flub? column, I’ll be taking a look at the new Sephora Collection Rouge Balm SPF 20 ($12.50, Sephora). Available in eight vibrant colors, the SPF-infused lip product is described as a balmlike lipstick with a gel formula designed to nourish and protect.

First impression

After applying the Sephora lip product, it became clear that this was no ordinary balm. Much more reminiscent of a traditional lipstick, the product has an intense color payoff and its texture is much more creamy than gel-like.

I’d read a few reviews stating that some of the shades in the Rouge Balm range didn’t look true to color when applied; I was happy to see that the color I had chosen to try (Enchanting Blush) looked very similar to the rosy pink lip product I saw in the tube.

When I applied it, the balm went on smoothly but did require a mirror when applying (not just swipe-and-go like some other balms). While not entirely necessary, using a lip liner might help those who want a more defined look.

Fab or flub?

Fab-ish. Combining excellent color payoff with much needed sun protection, the Sephora Collection Rouge Balm SPF 20 is a great summer product.

While it goes on more like a lipstick than a balm, it still feels lightweight and nourishing. After a few days of using the lip product, my lips were much smoother and softer than they were before.

Neither sheer nor subtle, the balm does a great job of making your lips pop.

My only word of warning to potential buyers is that the product does not have great lasting power. After a few hours, the balm fades until all that is left behind is a light stain on your lips.

If you decide to eat, drink or swim while wearing the balm, make sure you have the product on hand, because you will need to re-apply it.