Top-rated apps worth downloading

The following paid apps are both popular and well-rated.



Bloons TD 5 ($2.99)* Bloons TD 5 is a tower-defense game where monkeys must protect their stronghold from an invading force of living balloons (Bloons). (Score: 99/100)


Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99)* One of the most popular apps for years on end, Minecraft is a thriving, growing fantasy universe that the player can explore and help build. (Score: 99/100)


Plague Inc. (99 cents)* This is a sophisticated strategy game where the object is to infect the world with an unstoppable plague. (Score: 99/100)


7 Minute Workout Challenge ($2.99)* The 7 Minute Workout Challenge has made a believer out of thousands of users getting fit a few minutes at a time. (Score: 98/100)


Facetune ($3.99)* Facetune is the go-to app for mobile-device owners who love to take selfies. Facetune masterfully corrects any imperfections. (Score: 98/100)




Geometry Dash ($1.99)* In Geometry Dash, the gamer plays a square racing through a landscape of other shapes, avoiding obstacles and earning achievements. ( Score: 99/100)


Pocket Casts ($3.99)* This app organizes and enhances podcasts so users can get the most out of enjoying their favorite programs. (Score: 99/100)


Weather Timeline — Forecast ($0.99) Weather Timeline — Forecast gives users the weather forecast in a very intuitive and simple format, with many customization options. (Score: 99/100)


Five Nights at Freddy’s ($2.99)* This creepy adventure finds the player stuck in a haunted pizza parlor trying to make it through the night safely and with his or her sanity intact. (Score: 98/100)


Neo Monsters (99 cents)* In this game, you play the heir to a monster ranch. Run the ranch and build a team of battling monsters to compete in the Monster Leagues. (Score: 98/100)


*Available on Apple and Android.

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