Movie review: ‘Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’

Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg in ‘Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’
Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg in ‘Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’ Gravitas Ventures

It’s hard to watch Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in which a man and a woman meet randomly in a major city and talk their way into a deeper relationship, and not think of Richard Linklater’s lovestruck Before Sunrise. By that considerable yardstick, this less incisive romance comes up short. Yet, as both a valentine to new love and Hong Kong’s Cantonese cosmopolitanism, it’s a breezily enjoyable and heartfelt travelogue.

Real-life husband and wife Bryan Greenberg (How to Make It In America, One Tree Hill) and Jamie Chung (Once Upon a Time) are Josh and Ruby, American ex-pats who meet on the street outside a bar when she needs directions.

They end up talking and walking and talking some more, realizing they share similar sensibilities -- he’s in finance but wants to write; she’s in toy design but wants to be in fashion. A revelation cuts things short but, as fate would have it, they run into each other again on another night a year later, allowing them to continue their infatuation.

Their conversations run from the mundane (Hong Kong residents not understanding Seinfeld) to meaningful (the stereotypes of interracial/cross-cultural dating), all with the visually stunning Hong Kong -- the real star of this movie -- as a colorful, neon-lit backdrop.

Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the first feature from director/writer Emily Ting, doesn’t go anywhere unexpected. But it’s a pleasantly diverting trip nonetheless.

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Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

 1/2  (out of five)

Director: Emily Ting

Cast: Jamie Chung, Bryan Greenberg

Rated: Unrated

Running time: 78 min.