Thanksgiving bingo!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Nothing brings a family together like turkey, pumpkin pie and friendly competition around the table. Add some fun to this year’s gathering with our Thanksgiving bingo game. Designed to be played with family and friends, the game covers common sights, sounds and conversations on Thanksgiving Day — the traditional, the funny and the ones that might happen after too many glasses of wine.

Printable bingo cards Download our PDF to share with your holiday guests

To play, download and cut out as many of these cards as you’d like. Hand them out as guests arrive, or put them at everyone’s place around the table. When you see or hear an occurrence, mark it off. Get “bingo” across, down or diagonally, or by filling in four corners on the board.

Or, if you’re in it for the long haul, make a day of it and play “blackout.” (And, no, that’s not encouragement to make it a drinking game.) First person to cover his or her card gets to take home all the leftovers. Good luck!