Fab or flub? Testing to see if Flipbelt will carry its weight

Flipbelt Flipbelt

For this week’s fitness-themed Fab or Flub, we’re taking a look at a product called Flipbelt.

Available for $28.99 at, the Flipbelt was designed as a sleek, lightweight alternative to bulky fitness belts and armbands. Because it holds everything from keys and phones to cards and small snacks, the tubular belt claims to keep your hands free and your items secure without weighing you down.

As someone who exercises daily, I’ve often found myself in need of a product like Flipbelt. Not only do I refuse to carry my phone in an armband (they’re way too big and bulky for my slender arms), but I also hate having to carry my keys at the gym. Since a fanny pack seemed like a less fashionable solution to my problem, the Flipbelt sounded like a good alternative.

First impression

Made from a combination of MicroPoly and Lycra, the Flipbelt comes in nine color options and is available in sizes XS-XL. For this review, I ended up with the black option in size small. The belt was true to size (had I gone any smaller I would have felt like a sausage).

Running my fingers along the seamless Flipbelt, I could feel the openings where items could be slid through to the inside. Dangling out of one of these openings was a key hook, a nice alternative for those who don’t want to place their keys inside the belt.

To my surprise, the Flipbelt was a lot more roomy that I expected. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6 and worried that its larger size might prevent it from fitting inside, but it fit perfectly. (Note: Per the Flipbelt website, the belt claims to also easily house the much larger iPhone 6+)

In addition to my phone, I placed inside the belt my driver’s license, debit card and a granola bar. On the belt’s key hook, I hooked two keys and my gym membership card. Everything seemed to fit nicely and the belt didn’t feel heavy or bulky. However, the real test would be to see how it felt while I was working out.

Fab or flub?

Fab! From running outside to pumping iron in the gym, the Flipbelt ended up being a wonderful addition to my daily exercise routine. It was so lightweight that I often forgot I was wearing it.

Throughout each workout, the belt stayed put, and I had no problems with it riding up as I did more movement-heavy exercises like squats or lunges. As I bounced up and down on the treadmill, the items I had placed inside the Flipbelt (including my phone) stayed secure and did not spill out.

I simply threw it in a washer load with my workout clothes and then let it air dry. Overall, I found Flipbelt to be a great product and I enjoyed being able to bring the things I needed to the gym without having to carry everything around by hand.