Pantone’s 2015 pick — Minion yellow — moves to the top of the color-trend stack

Local designer Marta Rozanich recently designed a patio that demonstrates how to use pops of yellow as an accent next to neutrals and wood.
Local designer Marta Rozanich recently designed a patio that demonstrates how to use pops of yellow as an accent next to neutrals and wood. Photo courtesy of Marta Rozanich/Photographer Brian Hutson

The Pantone Color Institute, known for identifying color trends and picking an annual color of the year, added a new hue to its list last month. Say hellow to the cheery Minion yellow, inspired by the loveable, babbling sidekicks of the not-so-baddie Gru, from the “Despicable Me” films. A spinoff film, Minions, opens in theaters July 10.

Minion yellow represents the first time in the Pantone institute’s history that a new color has been named after a character.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, calls Minion yellow “the color of hope, joy and optimism.” She adds, “Pantone Minion yellow is a color that heightens awareness and creates clarity, lighting the way to the intelligence, originality and the resourcefulness of an open mind.”

While it is a fun color that most kids adore, it is also pretty bright and could easily be overwhelming. We contacted local designers and interior decorators to get their advice on how to incorporate this bold shade in kids’ spaces like bedrooms and playrooms. Here’s what they had to say:

▪  “The color yellow stimulates creativity, energy, friendliness, and optimism. However, too much yellow can increase anxiety. Minion yellow is a very bright color. In a child’s room, I think it’s best used in accent pieces such as pillows, lamps, throws or even stuffed animals. It pairs well with warm woods and neutrals like gray and white. This lets the color pop without being too strong.”

— Marta Rozanich, Konstrukcio Studio in Fort Worth

▪  “We suggest incorporating Minion yellow into a child’s bedroom or playroom with a piece of accent furniture, such as a pouf. Choose a versatile piece that combines Pantone’s color trend with neutrals. A hand-knotted pouf, like the one carried in our store, would work well in a child’s room as a footstool or seat at a play table. Find one that is durable and has lasting power with even the most rambunctious crew.”

— Jessica McIntyre, Jessica McIntyre Interiors in Arlington

▪  “I would use the bright yellow as an accent and pair it with complementary colors. Using a large, yellow piece of furniture is eye-catching. With that, you could add something like accessories or artwork with dark blues and lime greens. For kids’ rooms, how you use the color would depend a lot on the age of the child. For boys, use an opposite color, like cobalt blue. For a girl’s bedroom, use something like mauve or a strawberry.”

— Margaret Sunderland, Sunderland Designs in Southlake

▪  “Yellow is a bold and stimulating color that can be used in a children’s playroom to encourage play and imagination. If you are uncertain about using a bold color, choose temporary items that can be changed out when desired. Try a vibrant area rug or replace drawer knobs with plastic ones. Use several yellow picture frames on a neutral-colored wall. Filling them with black-and-white photos will make the yellow pop. You could also use them to frame your child’s artwork.”

— Frances Withaeger, Calais Designs in Fort Worth

▪  “Yellow is a very alive color and can be used in many elements of design. Art, pillows, tiles, on the wall and small amounts in rugs come to mind. My favorite combination is a subtle yellow with white and navy. Gray walls are also great with blue, yellow and gray and white accents. Yellow with purple blue is a great combination as well.”

— Debbie Chirillo, The ARTEC Group in Fort Worth

▪  “We used a color similar to Minion yellow in one of our children’s room sets in the stores. We used it as trim and in the closet and accents. We like to keep the walls neutral and add pops so it can change easier as the child gets older. Also we use the yellow color a lot in our Scandinavian designs. We just received the yellow Strandmon chair. This chair is great for parent and toddler to cuddle in during story time.”

— Linda Sturdivant, Ikea interior design manager in Frisco