Get ready for summer with these products sure to encourage fun under the Texas sun

Pelican Bounty kayak, $299.99,
Pelican Bounty kayak, $299.99, Handout

There are many ways to enjoy the great outdoors, and with summer fast approaching, these products will help brighten your days.

Portable fun

Whether it’s keeping little ones busy during a sibling’s soccer game or having fun at the beach or park or back yard, this portable bean bag toss game is the perfect companion for your car trunk. The boards fold to fit into a handy carrying bag that will keep little ones occupied for hours. From AGame, it’s $19.99. Academy Sports,

Become a bird hangout

Entice beautiful, melodic birds into your back yard without attracting mosquitoes with a decorative bird bath. The “Water Wiggler” lightly vibrates to attract birds but prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs. Glass birdbath, $42.99; stand, $19.99; wiggler, $39.99. Wild Birds Unlimited,

Keep freckles at bay

This adorable Sonoma “straw” hat keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your face as you soak up the summer rays. Labeled UPF 50-plus, it offers excellent protection from damaging ultraviolet rays. Even better, it’s packable so you can throw it in your suitcase for a trip. Several styles and colors are available. $22.80. Kohl’s,


The days of using a foam noodle in pool races are over! With this horse float, your family can spend hours racing back and forth with their own backyard derby. This Water Trotter is ready and raring to go. $149.99. Mr. Pool Repair,

For fun or fishing

Glide effortlessly over lakes and ponds in a kayak built for one … or two. Whether you want to sit on top or have your legs covered, water enthusiasts can choose from several styles, colors and prices to fit your needs. And, although kayaks offer a little more maneuverablity, canoes can often seat more people. Whichever you choose, just don’t forget the paddles, helmets and life vests. Pelican Bounty kayak, $299.99. Academy Sports,

Infuse flavor

Let your imagination take control with this infuser pitcher. Add berries, citrus, melon and more to water, sodas or even sangria for a tasty way to stay hydrated this summer. The pitcher is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. So get creative! $23.99. Kohl’s,

Make tracks

Explore the “back forty” in this Trailmaster Blazer 200. With a maximum speed of 28 mph, the go-kart features an adjustable driver’s seat and shock absorbers. It can hold one or two passengers — up to 300 pounds — and is great for kids ages 8 to 13. Many other go-kart styles and sizes are available. Prices vary by machine. GoPowerSports,

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