Stuck indoors? These entertaining apps help kill the time

Spring technically has arrived, but if it’s still snowy in your neck of the woods, explore the following chart-topping applications while waiting for the sunshine.

Apple apps

7 Minute Workout Challenge ($2.99)* This workout is so short that it takes away any and all excuses not to work out. Users also find it effective. (Mobilewalla score: 97/100)


Facetune ($3.99)* Facetune is one of the best companions for selfie lovers. Use this photo-editor to “tune” your face to flawless perfection. (Score: 96/100)


Heads Up! ($0.99)* In the game Heads Up! your friends give you clues so you can guess a word that’s hidden from you but displayed to your friends. (Score: 96/100)


Candy Crush Saga (Free)* Once upon a time, people thought candy was addictive. Turns out it’s this match-three game, with a candy theme, that needs its own 12-step meetings.(Score: 95/100)


Monopoly Game ($0.99)* This classic game can be played with friends, or you can play verses the AI. To beat the AI, you’ll have to play strategically. (Score: 80/100)


Android apps

Geometry Dash ($1.99)* Geometry Dash is a runner where you play a square, at odds with a world full of obstacles and other shapes that are out to get you. (Mobilewalla score: 99/100)


Bitmoji - Your Personal Emoji (Free)* In Bitmoji, you can design an avatar for messaging that looks like you. Use it with SnapChat to create emojis with your friends. (Score: 95/100)


Word Cookies (Free)* This word game asks you to find a defined number of small words from a selection of letters; no time limitations make this a low-pressure game. (Score: 95/100)


Instagram (Free)* Instagram is a social-media site focused on sharing images. In the app, you’ll find friends, photographers and celebrities sharing their images. (Score: 93/100)


True Skate ($1.99)* This skateboarding simulation is a favorite of real skaters and gamers, with athletelike reaction times. Successfully perform a variety of tricks in order to advance. (Score: 91/100)


*Available on Apple and Android.

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