Love them or hate them, get buggy with these apps

If you like bugs, you’ll enjoy the following apps, including Bug Heroes. If you hate bugs, check out Ant Cockroach Beetle Flea Mosquito Insect Smasher.

Apple apps


Bug Heroes (Free) In Bug Heroes, a tower-defense-genre game, you play a bug trying to protect its home and goods from a swarm of attacking insects. (Mobilewalla score: 96/100)


Sago Mini Bug Builder ($2.99)* This game for kids gives your child the opportunity to create, and interact with, as many charming cartoon bugs as he or she likes. (Score: 95/100)


Bug Village HD (Free)* Bug Village is a world-builder where you construct a hometown where bugs can work, play and flourish. The latest version includes Valentine’s Day extras. (Score: 87/100)


Ant Cockroach Beetle Flea Mosquito Insect Smasher (Free) If you live in a buggy, humid climate, you may enjoy this app where you smash as many bugs as you can. (Score: 85/100)


Glow Bugs (Free) In this game, you try to keep your own Glow Bug moving through the night, catching aphids to power up and avoiding obstacles and aggressive bugs. (Score: 82/100)


Android apps


Lightning Bug — Sleep Clock (Free) This app features 200 soothing sounds to help you fall asleep and a variety of alarms to wake you. (Mobilewalla score: 96/100)


Funny Bee World Live Wallpaper (Free) If you are currently experiencing a sunshine deficit, add these happy bees flying through a spring sky to your device. (Score: 94/100)


The Very Hungry Caterpillar ($3.99)* This interactive, digital version of Eric Carle’s beloved book uses fun mini-games to help children learn about counting and sorting. (Score: 91/100)


Shadow Bug Rush (Free)* Shadow Bug Rush is an endless platformer. Move through its levels, slicing through foes and avoiding whirling blades in your path. (Score: 90/100)


Ladybug Adventures World (Free) This horizontal platformer features the junior superheroine Ladybug fighting her way through ninjas, hedgehogs and dragons. (Score: 86/100)


*Available on Apple and Android.

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