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NEW Front Door Fashion Gives Every Woman Her Own Stylist - for Free!

Do you look at all those photos of celebrities and wish that you could look like a million bucks just shopping, going to the grocery store or having a lunch? They do pay quite a pretty penny to look as good as they do with the help of a stylist.

But just imagine what would happen if you had your own Rachel Zoe or Clinton Kelly to tell you what was a yes or no every morning? 

Bananas, right? 

And they will even recommend outfits that will look amazing on your body?  And that you don't even have to leave your house to meet them (at least if you don't want to?)

Well, your fairy godmother is just a click away! 

Let me introduce you to  Front Door Fashion Based in Dallas, FDF is an innovative lifestyle company which makes a professional stylist and coveted name brand clothing accessible and convenient for women everywhere. Founded by Andrea Isom and Nina Lowe in 2013, the pair was in need for this service due to their lack of time and energy to shop and style themselves and saw there wasn't anything available. 
The process is super easy: 

1. The service offers a virtual style profile quiz which their clients complete before analysis by an esteemed FDF stylist, all at no cost.  (AND a complimentary in-house styling consultation is available at the Dallas Design District location for clients who desire a more intimate setting.)

2.  One of these professional stylist will call you:  Shirin Askari (of Project Runway and of Shirin Askari Designs, LLC.) or  Tor Matthey (formerly with Net-A-Porter) to  composes three to six professionally styled ensembles including accessories and writes a personal note and style guide for the recipient.

3. The FDF box is then shipped free of charge to the client's doorstep within two weeks. Clients try on the ensembles at home, keep what they want and return the remaining pieces with the provided packing and free shipping label; charges are made for the pieces not returned. 
So with less than a month into 2014, why not take the chance to create a better look for yourself? Or do you have a friend or family member who you would have nominated for "What Not to Wear?, FDF is exactly what you have been looking for.  FDF offers a sleek black gift card, with a minimum $250 value, that grants a dream for most women: a one-on-one in the FDF style lounge with an esteemed stylist who will present custom styled coveted name brand clothes and accessories that they have chosen just for them. 
Perhaps I should send this link to my hubby? Or maybe you can share this with yours? Valentine's is just 'round the corner!
Front Door Fashion

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