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To Try or Not to Try?

We have a First Grade Girl in our family.

Welcome to the world of "Would she like to try....?"

Dance Class

Daisy Troop

Indian Princesses

Church Choir

After School Art Class

Running Club

Cheerleading (!?)


Deep breath.

Yes, during this first six weeks of school, we have been asked/encouraged/pressured (to varying degrees) to join each of these options. The good news is that they all have merit, they all offer ways to make friends, they all have great parent leaders.

The other good news, or bad news, depending on how you look at it, is that my enthusiastic daughter responds "YES!" to almost everything on the list. This is not to say that she will end up loving everything, but she wants to try it all. 

So, what's a mom to do? 

Of course, "everything" is not an option. I am at least seasoned enough to recognize that "everything" leads to worn out, cranky, difficult, unhappy, over-scheduled kids...and families. However, trying to choose which activities are best, is rather complicated when your child is no help.

My son, a Third Grader with a mind of his own and very clear opinions about what he does and does NOT want to do, did not prepare us for this situation.

Samples of the divergent conversations sound something like this:


So, do you want to play baseball this Fall?


What about Running Club, after school on Tuesdays?

No way.


So, do you want to play soccer this Fall?

Yes. I love the uniforms. My three friends from my Kindergarten class are on that team! And I love snacks. When will it be our turn to bring snacks? Can I choose them? Do we still have the matching hair bows from last year? I'd better go and find them.

What about the Daisy Troop?

Yes. Of course, we were all taking about it at school today and are so excited. Abigail's sister started in Daisies and did Brownies and then Girl Scouts. We get to have a cool blue apron and our pin goes on the yellow ribbon and we wear those to the meetings and get points for it. When will we sell cookies? My favorites are the chocolate and peanut butter ones, so I'll need to sell you lots of those!

And on, and on....

This is a great problem to have. I love and appreciate my sweet girl's enthusiasm. I don't however, appreciate her unwillingness to understand that she cannot try everything, at the same time. "But, I want to!" is her ineffective argument. This usually degenerates into the age old "Why not?!" and "Because I said so." Not preferable.

For now, we'll choose a few and see how they go. Wish us (all) luck!