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"Wondering Lists"

There are so many talented mom bloggers out there...professional ones, with brilliant skill, humor and insight. For me, sometimes, it's hard not to be overwhelmed by both the sheer magnitude of the reading opportunity AND the crazy amount of great ideas that I'm not doing with my own kids.

This week, though, I came across a great blog idea, that is perfect for my kids, who are six and nine.

The idea comes from the Power of Moms site and is so simple and yet so helpful.

"Wondering Lists"

We all have questions from our kids that either come at inopportune times, or we really don't know how to answer.

As April describes in her blog:

"You know how sometimes you'll be in the middle of something like talking with the insurance company about a mistake on a bill, and one of your children will say, "Hey mom!  How does a baby come out of a mommy?"

Well, now instead of shrugging your shoulders or whispering, "I can't talk right now!" you simply instruct your child to record the question on the Wondering List."

The goal, of course, it that you can wait for the right time to talk about it, the right time to research the answer, together, or simply be confident that you'll not forget the question.

My favorites from April's blog' include:

Why do we itch?

Who came up with the shape of a star?

Why do lemons keep you from getting carsick?

And, here are some of my own real-life examples, which let me know that this Wondering List is perfect for us:

How long would it take to walk across the Great Wall of China?

Why does he have freckles and I don't?

How do you know if you're pregnant?

All of these were asked at bedtime, in the car or standing in line at the grocery store.

I will now happily introduce this concept to my family, and save myself the immediate stress of not answering at all, answering incorrectly or simply sighing in exasperation.

We'll add the item to our Wondering List and sleep, peacefully. 

Then, I'll add the Wondering List follow-up to my To Do List....