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Healthy & Delicious Baby Food Delivered You'll Both Eat

Disclaimer: I was provided products for the purposes of this review; however, no compensation was received. All comments and thoughts disclosed here are my own. 
We all have grandiose visions of what amazing things we are going to do for our children to be "good parents." One of my biggest goals was to create my own baby food for my son so he would enjoy healthy eating and ate more than chicken nuggets, goldfish and strained peas.  Unfortunately, my good intentions were ruined with work, unplanned obligations and pure exhaustion of just getting the absolutely necessary things complete - much less the things I wanted to achieve like whipping up some pureed carrots.  Now, three years later, I'm here again, with a toddler and a wish to feed her healthy food BUT with even less time than I had with one child. 
Thankfully, this time I actually have an option: Half Pint Palates. Created by mom/chef/owner/amazingly cool gal Tara Anderson, HPP creates and delivers clean, non-processed, globally insprired baby and toddler foods to doorsteps across the metroplex (within a 30-mile radius of her Deep Ellum kitchen.) Packaged in either a three-day or five-day plan, a single day's menu includes: breakfast, an entrée style lunch, light dinner, two dry snacks, a fruit puree and a juice all for only $17.50 per day. Basically everything you need for your kid's menu but milk. Since as children we are born with more taste buds than you'll ever have, priming a kids palate is important to appreciate and enjoy certain flavors and textures rather than the bland ingredients that processed baby food presents. So by using local and sustaintable producers, Tara handcrafts her proportionally appropropriate meals by introducing spices, herbs, grains, local meats and legumes (she opts not to use nuts in her foods, although the line is not totally nut free.) 

A sample menu of Half Pint Palates:  BREAKFAST Passionfruit Oatmeal Summer Tomato and Aji Grit Casserole Caramelized Banana Pudding Arroz con Leche Quinoa with Guava-Lime

LUNCH Chicken and Summer Vegetable Tamale Pie Vegetarian Chili Verde Sancocho de Pescado Fresh Corn and Quinoa Casserole with Chorizo Argentinean Bistek with Chimichurri Rice

SUPPER White Beans with Chimichurri Sauteed Sweet Plantains Potato Causa Stewed Yuca and Collard Greens Calabaza and Carrots with Coconut

SNACKS Tomatillo, Celery, Lime, Cucumber Carrot Pineapple Puree Pan de Queso Coconut Cinnamon Shortbread

And remember, this is for your KID! I was elated to share a week's worth of Half Pint Palates with my daughter in efforts to try to change her finicky habits until I took out the container from the freezer and took a bite to try it myself. It was so good, I didn't want her to have it. I mean I wanted to trade my dinner for hers. (Yes, I was chowing down on baby food that was full of flavor and took all of 1:00 to cook.) However, I made the sacrifice and ler her half it with me. 

No longer was making healthy food my challenge. It was opening the homemade crackers, freshly squeezed juices with fun flavors like prickly pear cilantro juice and pimento cheese grits and letting her have them before I decided to eat them for my own meal. (Yes, really it was THAT good.)

How it works: 

* Clients of HPP go to to order their food style preference (purees or 'stews'), their desired amount of weekly meals and can choose from a selection of HPP snacks and juices as well as some adult treats. 

* HPP shops for seasonal ingredients, prepares them by hand, administers a taste test and freezes the fresh meals all within a week of the client's delivery date. 

* All your food is packaged up and delivered to your home in a refrigerated bag in handy plastic containers that are easily placed in the freezer and pantry for quick cooking throughout the week. 

Like many momprenuers, Half Pint Palates was developed out of Tara's own want to provide her daughter healthy food options and merging her own professional experience as am executive chef with Pepsi. And considering her husband also works with Wolfgang Puck Catering, preparing great food from local sources is a priority for this Lakewood family.

Lucky for you, Tara also hosts monthly cooking classes and this month a special FREE Cooking Demonstration hosted by Dallas Moms Blog THIS Tuesday, July 23 at 11 AM at Central Market! However, you must register for this incredible event and reservations are limited. 

My advice: sign up for Half Pint Palates and order two plans - one for your kiddo AND one for you. 

Half Pint Palates