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Getting Ready for Vacation

Getting ready for vacation is no vacation.

Our family is seriously excited about heading out to the East Coast for a week. 

I, however, seem to be the only one interested in preparing to actually get there.

Packing, you see, is no fun. Thinking ahead about clothing, sunscreen, beach attire, beach house supplies, books, toys and sports equipment requires prep work, attention to detail and time. None of these are prevalent at our house. 

How can we pack when we have play dates to attend? How can we shop for sunscreen and bug spray when we work all day, make dinner, clean up dinner and get the kids in bed? How does the suitcase get packed when, during daylight hours, we're all busy and during nighttime hours, we're all tired?

Mom does it, that's how it gets done.

Magically, the time is found. The lists are made. The shopping is done. Sleep is foregone. After all, we're going on vacation, right? We'll have time to catch up on our rest, there, right?


Actually, I don't think the preparation for vacation is any more fun than the rest of my family does. The thought of guessing correctly on the outfits which my six-year-old daughter will "feel like wearing," a week from now, is almost too much. "Remembering to remember" the right headphones for the iPad, the nightlight for the beach house bedroom, the snacks for the plane and car ride, the books for bedtime and the board games for the rainy days all makes my head hurt. 

But, I'll do it. We moms know it will be worth it, once we arrive, right?

Our smiling husbands and kids will overwhelm us with gratitude and appreciation for the spectacular week of vacation, right?

At the very least, maybe we'll get to take a nap.